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How to Attract Tenants Through Local Online Advertising in Vancouver

How to Attract Tenants Through Local Online Advertising in Vancouver

A 2022 survey found that 82% of renters say that the location of a unit within a building or community matters. It's no surprise that people care about the areas that they live in.

How do you promote, not only your rental property, but the property's neighborhood? Local online advertising!

Keep reading to learn how to attract tenants online.

Write Compelling Copy

Posting your rental listings online isn't enough to attract tenants through local online advertising. You need to appeal to the locality of your property by writing compelling copy.

These tips can help you get started:

  • Hook tenants with your headline
  • Describe the property in detail
  • Explain unique features
  • Include the property address
  • Include your contact details

If writing isn't your thing, hiring a property management company can help you create professional-looking listings.

Take Quality Photos

Copy is only half of a rental property listing. If your listing doesn't include quality photos, most people will ignore it.

Show your property in the best light by taking professional photos. Don't take them on your phone. Follow these tips when taking photos of your property:

  • Don't use flash
  • Take photos during the daytime
  • Hire a professional home stage
  • Make sure the property is clean

In addition to taking photos inside the property, take pictures of the surrounding areas and building exterior to attract local tenants.

To successfully pull off this strategy, hire professional photography services that can make your rental property look as appealing as possible.

Promote Open Houses

Most people won't fill out a rental application until they've seen the property in person. When the rental market is hot, it's important to promote open houses to bring potential local tenants in.

In an online ad, include hours when interested parties can come to tour the property.

You can utilize digital marketing tools like Facebook Events to attract tenants. Use this platform to invite people to in-person events and have them encourage other people to attend.

Showcase Local Amenities

Advertising rental properties goes a long way when you showcase local amenities. Do some rental market research to find out what your audience is attracted to in the area.

Consider showing off these amenities in your listing if they are within your property's area:

  • Dog-friendly parks
  • After-school activity centers
  • Public transportation options
  • List of schools

These are all things that potential tenants will look for, especially if they have children.

Get creative with your options! Try to mention quirky things about your town or neighborhood that a newcomer might not know about.

Using Local Online Advertising to Attract Rental Tenants

If you are trying to fill one or more vacancies in your Vancouver, WA rental property, using local online advertising techniques can help you attract rental tenants.

For your listings, you should be writing compelling copy, taking quality photos, and promoting open houses. Showcase local amenities that can make your property more attractive to prospects.

Don't go through all of this alone! Contact us today to learn how our rental property management team can help you.