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What to Look for During Rental Inspections

What to Look for During Rental Inspections

Nearly 90% of landlords handle property repairs. For tenants, that's a major perk of renting a home or apartment. If you are new to rental management, you can stay ahead of potentially costly repairs by scheduling regular rental inspections.

Read on to learn useful tips and landlord advice. We'll cover some of the important things you'll want to look for when performing inspections. 

What Are Rental Inspections?

Landlords or property managers perform property inspections. They look at units that are, were, or will be rented by a tenant. The goal is to verify the conditions of united at a given point in the rental cycle. Landlords have a legal right to perform these inspections. 

They can be done as long as the landlord provides proper notifications. Check with your state laws to determine how much notice should be provided. Inspections are typically performed once a year or when a tenant moves out. 

Why Do Vancouver, WA, Landlords Do Inspections?

Without regular inspection, unnoticed damages may go unaddressed. Over time, these property issues could become more expensive to repair. 

Frequent inspections also give landlords peace of mind. Landlords can use them to provide a reason for extending a lease or not.

What Landlords Should Be Looking For During A Rent Inspection?

Your top priority as a landlord is to look for signs of property damage. A hasty inspection could miss signs of needed repair. 

If you find damage, the repairs will be easier to fix. You have the option of deducting the cost of repairs from the tenant's security deposit. This is an important aspect of property management.

What Can A Landlord Look at?

So what can you look at? Basic inspections include examinations of sinks, smoke detectors, air filters, signs of mold, and any signs of physical damage. 

By law, landlords cannot look through the tenant's personal belongings without the tenant's personal permission. Doing so violates tenant rights.

How To Notify Tenants

Some landlords worry that they are nothing tenants when performing inspections. City and state laws support landlord rights to perform inspections.

Landlords can add clear language in the lease agreement that tells tenants to expect regular inspections. It is customary to provide 24 hours of notice or more before entering a unit for inspection. Once you have provided notice, you can enter the unit whether the tenant is there or not.

Placing a flyer on the tenant's door or leaving phone calls are common ways property owners notify tenants of upcoming inspections.  

Learn More Useful Tips for Rental Inspections

Rental inspections are a useful tool for protecting your property. The routine inspections also help tenants by ensuring that filters are changed and physical damage is promptly fixed. Make sure to inspect your units at least once per year and before someone moves in or out. 

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